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The water softening industry is a major f*^%#$g rip off! My name is Kyle and I set up this blog about water softeners and their companies as my new year's resolution for 2014.

After my 3-year-old water softening system broke down for the second time, I decided to get something else. So this blog is based on the research I did while looking for a replacement. I tried a few ones marketed as saltless water softeners so I have some experience with those as well. The old softener I had cost $1,899. The salesperson talked me into buying it because apparently the $799 model is only good for a small house with "slightly" hard water. Sure, it did a good job for a while, but when you consider that the new water softener I bought recently cost me just 10% of that, I look pretty stupid for making that mistake. Especially since the new one works better than the old. I can't tell you the brand or model of the old system anymore. I made that mistake when I started the blog and then just 2 days later I got a pissed off email from the company threatening me with legal action. So much for freedom of speech but I'm not looking for trouble.

Based on my research and what people have been telling me since I started this blog, I list below the companies I looked into.

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Please note that the votes are not an indication of quality of the product or service. They are an indication of overall satisfaction by the people who voted. A good product could still get a poor vote if it the user thought he could get a better value for their money elsewhere.

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Brand Quick Summary Review +ve -ve
Z78: This is the new water softener that I installed and am very happy with, so I am biased about it. 5 0
Culligan: A good brand name that is moderately priced. Beware the service calls 8 3
Kinetico: One of the top brand names and it comes at a hefty price 7 3
Whirlpool: Mainstream water softener under $1,000 4 4
Kenmore: Mainstream water softener under $1,000 4 4
Fleck: Good quality parts go into this and priced under $1,000 6 5
Waterboss: Mainstream water softener under $1,000 3 5
GE: Mainstream water softener under $1,000 2 6
Rainsoft: The timeshare of water softeners. Attend the presentation or agree to the free water test and be pressured to buy at an inflated price 1 9


I am still researching and getting feedback on these and other brands. If you would like to share your experiences with me and with the other visitors of this website, please use the contact page. Every little bit helps, and I will be sure to include your recommendations as long as they are consistent with others.


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