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Rainsoft Water Softener

Rainsoft is a water treatment and air purification company with over 150 dealers in the USA and many others in 20 different countries. There are so many compaints about their business model and shady sales tactics. They allegedly sell their water softeners like some companies sell timeshare, and there are many promises made which are just that ... promises.

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This seems to be the highest priced and most over-priced systems, with prices exceeding $10,000 sometimes. You go to a presentation where you are hurried into buying on the spot and signing a contract. Some people have said that they wised up and cancelled the order the next day and where surprised when the company came back with an ofer which was half the original price. So, obviously, there is a very high profit margin here.

Service Quality

The highest percentage of complaints I have seen where from Rainsoft buyers. Typically, the systems are bought with promises of a life-time guarantee and most buyers are under the impression it covers everything. But then they have to pay for the salt, and the resin, and the frequent service calls, and the setup. The costs keep adding up and the buyers feel cheated and complain. I found it difficult to determine if the quality of the systems themselves is good or not because most people speak poorly of the company.


I wouldn't buy it when there are so many other options available.

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