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Fleck Water Softener

Fleck water softeners are available through various dealers and Internet outlets. You can even buy them on Amazon. It is my guess that people come across them mostly through dealer recommendations as I can't find a one-stop website for them anywhere. The closest I came is Pentair Water which manufactures Fleck Valves and pressure vessels both of which are considered of very good quality.

User Rating

6 positive votes and 5 negative votes.
Ranks 4 out of 9.


Fleck water softeners are moderately priced below $1,000 and are affordable.

Service Quality

These water softeners are serviced by plumbers or the dealer that sells them. I have read good reviews about the quality of the systems themselves, especially for their price.


Moderately priced and of good quality. They seem to offer a good bargain for their price.

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