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Common and Standard Water Softeners

I group several brands of water softeners in this page. They include Whirlpool, GE, Kenmore, and Waterboss. These are the typical brands that you will find at hardware stores like Lowe's or Sears or Home Depot. They are essentially very similar, ranging from about $400 to $1,000. These water softeners use similar technologies as the bigger brand water softeners, but the quality of their design is considerably lower and that is why they are cheaper. You can expect these water softeners to work well for 2-3 years after which you may start having considerable problems with them.

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Service Quality

These water softeners are made my bigger appliance companies and sold through traditional hardware stores mostly. So the service you receive for them is usually from the store where you bought them, especially if you get the extra insurance from the store. Or you may opt for a local plumber to install and maintain it. So really service quality varies depending on where you got it from.


These mainstream appliances are built for providing an easy and inexpensive solution, but don't expect them to last forever.

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