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Culligan Water Softener

Culligan is a 75+ year old company with offices across the US and Canada. They specialize in water filtration for both homes and businesses, and even delivery services for drinking water. They offer a line of water softeners ranging from middle-end to high end water softeners complete with filtration and reverse osmosis.

User Rating

8 positive votes and 3 negative votes.
Ranks 2 out of 9.


Pricing is average with many customers feeling that the prices of the systems themselves are a bit lower than others, but that the company makes up for that from the service calls. They offer salt delivery services and the systems themselves seem to require several service visits which the customer pays for. Also add a $150 - $300 installation fee.

Service Quality

Culligan's has many offices with many sales people. So they service that you get appears to be a draw of what you get in your area. Some sales people get rave reviews while others leave customers feeling they've been cheated and neglected.


If you're looking for a brand name and you're a good handyman who can install it and maintain it, then this may be a good option.

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